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What is CISCO Refresh?

Cisco employs the industry's most comprehensive and proprietary remanufacturing processes. From initial inspection and testing to cleaning and packing, Cisco can truly remanufacture to the same level.

Leveraging the circular economy, Cisco Refresh products are sourced from Cisco's reverse logistics. From a manufacturing perspective, these products have a low carbon footprint and are fully sustainable.

What are the benefits?

Each unit undergoes a rigorous and comprehensive ISO 9001/14001 certified remanufacturing and testing process. The end result is peace of mind knowing you are getting genuine Cisco performance, quality, support and value.

Performance and reliability: all parts and processes employed in the remanufacturing process are certified by Cisco. Fully licensed for immediate use and shipped with a valid Cisco IOS software license.

Budget-friendly: when budget is limited, Cisco Refresh provides the maximum flexibility in procuring the technology you need. Prices start at 65% off original equipment prices.

Product availability: large inventory of older and end-of-sale models needed to maintain installed network configurations or to optimize IT resources between planned migrations or upgrades.

Sustainable: A remanufactured unit uses less energy, helps to extend the useful life of Cisco products, and reduces the amount of electronic equipment ending up in landfills.


Appearance: No cosmetic defects on visible surfaces. May include minor imperfections on base and back.

Support: Same as new - Cisco Refresh products carry the same Cisco SMARTnet support options as the equivalent new product.

Warranty: Same as new - all Cisco Refresh products are covered for a minimum of 90 days; some products have longer coverage periods. Our Cisco Refresh products carry the exact same warranty terms as new.

Packaging: Packaged to the same as-new quality standards using foam protected packaging and anti-static wrapping.

Price: Prices depend on the ordered quantities. Please contact us regarding the unit you are interested in with the desired quantity. We get back to you within one business day.